Sweet dreams are made of these

Like a foray into online dating, you probably began your home search feeling hopeful. You filtered matches based on very concrete data points. After hours of research, maybe a tall handsome 3 bedroom colonial seemed just right. Excitement reached a fever pitch. (Could this be the one?) Unfortunately, just like a lot of online dates, you discovered the chemistry between you and the photographic stranger wasn’t quite right. Subsequent letdowns led to wariness and worry: maybe your soul mate just doesn’t exist.

Well, good news! You no longer have to wait for the perfect match. You can create it. Literally. There are local architects and builders who are ready to get started on your project.  All you need to do is choose the land. (A much more empowering experience! Instead of choosing from you’re choosing to.) We have lots of land options and a team of experts that will help you along every phase of your journey.


Get started 

Work with the best

First-class and local, these are our preferred partners:

John Rourke | Wolfeboro, NH (Builder)

Meredith Savings Bank | Meredith, NH (Lender)

Blue Water | (Lender)

Regency Mortgage | (Construction Loan)



“Mary Ann is very efficient and thorough with the process from the beginning to the closing.”
-P. McCarthy

“Mary-Ann has been very straightforward and tremendously helpful all the way through the land-buying process!”
-T. Carey

Mary-Ann worked with us for over a year, exploring many land and house options. She was very thorough and comprehensive in combing the market.”
-S. Acon